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40°46'03.1"N 8°09'32.3"W

Every story starts at the beginning. This story starts with a piece of land with a pure water source running through it and some old ruins on it. The land in this story is called SURYA and it will be transformed into a beautiful living area with private plots and where some parts will serve as a communal area. It is a pure and clean land where life force energy flows like it is supposed to. This land is our mirror, our teacher, and life.


It has many hidden corners, and like us it has a high ( hill) and a low (valley) and it has a minus and a plus pole because it is very well balanced between the masculine (sun) and the feminine (water) energies. A beautiful high with a view on the sun rising and setting behind the mountains and a vibrant and calming low to sit in the shade and enjoy the sun while swimming. The land is called SURYA (sunshine) and the we name river  "VIDRABINDU" (raindrop fallen in sunshine)

The communal areas we will built are where we drink good coffee, where we wash our clothes and bathe ourselves in a warm bath or shower, Where we sit in the sauna, do yoga, meditate, warm ourselves at the fire, or gaze at the milkyway. 

This is what we build together, so we can eat, sing and dance together if we want to. 

Under the trees in the shade on different terraces we built some tiny houses that are surrounded by nature so when living in them you will feel embraced by nature and your own energy.


At the little water stream we create a natural swimming pool and next to it there will be a wood fired sauna. Our own permaculture vegetable garden will provide us with enough food for everybody. We may even have some chickens for fresh eggs. We plant loads of fruit trees, olive trees and a food terras to add to the lush and alive atmosphere of the land.


Here in SURYA we create a Heart Space for growth and expansion, a space to see how the outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

What of yourself do you see reflected back at you when you step into this space of natural silence and harmony, when you bath in the mineral rich waters of the mountains, warm your skin to the sun, listen to the soft symphony of the crickets at night, see the milky way in its full glory, take long walks in nature, sit on a big rock overlooking the valley and think of absolutely nothing. What is it you see?

This is what Surya has to offer; 

A reality that reflects the harmony and the wholeness of who you are.

Tropical Fruit Dessert
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Image by Leslie del Moral
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