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{vibrational medicine}

[1] A Seemingly external force that will bring an internal experience of wholeness and change. 

[2]  A wave of particles of light in motion, facilitating an experience of healing and growth within its allocated density spectrum. Serving the unlimited expressions within infinite creation.


Our vibrational playground stands in relation to certain aspects we as humans need to experience, develop and integrate so we can outgrow our conditioning. These Playgrounds are about experiencing these aspects so we can surrender into our heart space, and flow into ease & grace in every now moment. It is about balance and breathing, it is about movement and discernment. It is about understanding life force energy and the power of creation. It is about moving away from victimhood and your personal will power and moving into the creator that is driven by divine will power.


In our work we offer you different forms of vibrational medicine. This are energy tools that have been offered to us in our own journeys into remembering. Tools that can help change energy states, perceptions and one’s understanding of life. We see these tools as experiences and offerings that can serve as a reminder for our bodies and our higher awareness. 


One of our optional tools is an ancient sacrament that has been used for thousands of years in consciousness studies and sacred healing ceremonies. Sclerotia, also known as natural truffles containing psilocybin, have the unique capacities (under the right circumstances) to strongly attune the sensitivity of your body to the energetic reality, while moving large amounts of life force (pranic energy) through your system and open up your cells to a higher energetic conductivity. The result is a highly personal journey where many themes that are relevant to your growth are touched and processed from a heightened sense of awareness. 

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