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"A being of frequency"

We are a transformation agency. Specialised in guiding individuals and groups into remembering and embodying their Soul-full potential. 

We work with sound, vibration, energy, and awareness  to create a safe and inspiring container for growth, release and expansion. With our multidisciplinary approach, including the use of vibrational medicine, we aim to serve you into embodying:

•Spiritual maturity

•Ease and Grace

•Presence and Sovereignty 

• Being the co-creator of

your human experience

• Understanding energy & vibration

• Practicing discernment


"You are a being of frequency.

You came to this earth as energy materialised into human form.

You will always be this energy, pulsating on your own unique vibrational signature. A uniquely coloured fractal of light that radiates outward the essence of Source, endless, timeless and ever expanding."


{ vibration }
[1] when a stretched cord or string produces musical tones in the air, transmitting sounds to the ear

[2] Energy waves in motion at a certain frequency, light in motion. 

[3] A sensible energy force

{ medicine}


[1] A substance capable of restoring wholeness 

[2] A catalyst, intervention or experience aimed to restoring wholeness, health and balance.

[3] Good company that nurtures the soul


We offer a playground for people to experience and practice in different energy dynamics that relate to personal mastery. We facilitate an open and sincere space where you can experience energy with a conscious and aware state of presence. We use energetic tools, ancient ceremonial techniques, sound-healing, singing and breathing, movement, massage, natural sacraments, water, fire, and words to invite you into that state of presence.


We combine ancient wisdom with future wisdom and offer a unique mix of shamanism, yoga, coaching, and psychology. Our work is an invitation for you to outgrow your usual human outlook and develop an attitude of mastery.

Vibrational Medicine


It is our greatest joy to share our life experience and our understanding of energy with the world. We are here to serve the one's who are ready to take owner- & creatorship over their lives as spirit in form. We want to serve as an invitation for you to align with the higher aspects of yourself and take on your role as a leader in this changing world. Change is inevitable, because we are here to shape and create a new reality for ourselves and therefor also for others. We teach conscious awareness and embodied understanding of the frequencies that are weaving reality into form. We introduce you to your inner navigation system that can help you to practice discernment when it comes to energy and the reality you find yourself in. Doing this in a loving , open and vulnerable way is what makes us experience gratitude, joy, excitement, and humbleness. This is what we bring into the space and what we transfer vibrationally.

Waterfall in nature

{ involution }

[1] involution, the journey inwards that leads forward into the fullness of what you already are.
[2] Is the process of relaxing and going inward to create your outward reality.

{ retreat}


[1]To withdraw from something

[2] The act of moving back


With our Involution Retreats we invite you to enlarge your comfort zone by moving away from your familiair ways. A Retreat setting is an excellent opportunity to take the time to step out of the distractions of your life and to resharpen your vision, so you can feel with more clarity into the priorities and perspectives your higher self is communicating to you. A time to harmonize and bring tranquility back into your energy system, to detox your self on multiple levels, to increase your capacity to hold light, and to deeply be in touch with your highest guidance and with the energies that life wants to move through you.


A supportive space for you to re-align with your highest potential and to integrate the remembrance of your divine truth. Guided by experts in the field of spiritual leadership.


As a team we are here to serve and facilitate growth as you step into spaces of higher potential with us. We hold the space and guide you through the experiences during the weekend retreats and holiday retreats with a lucid mind, an open heart and embodied presence. 


 We are passionate humans and we do what we love while we listen to the divine impulses that flow through us when we choose our highest excitement to be of service to the growth and expansion of ALL.

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Helping Hands
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We choose to stay away from social media because we do not want to encourage the use of a platform that facilitates addictive, mindless, unconscious behaviour. We also do not feel we need to put ourselves out there to be seen and recognized through these platforms.. Our way of connecting is through an "energetic algorithm" and through real human interactions. We invite you to connect with us by leaving behind your email address.

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