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{ involution }

[1] involution, the journey inwards that leads forward into the fullness that you are.
[2] Is the process of relaxing and going inward to create your outward reality.

{ retreat}


[1]To withdraw from something

[2] The act of moving back

{ vibration }
[1] when a stretched cord or string produces musical tones in the air, transmitting sounds to the ear

[2] Energy waves in motion at a certain frequency, light in motion. 

[3] A sensible energy force

{ medicine}


[1] A substance capable of restoring wholeness 

[2] A catalyst, intervention or experience aimed to restoring wholeness, health and balance.

[3] Good company that nurtures the soul

2022 end of oktober - beginning november

It is our greatest joy to share our life experience and our understanding of energy with you. We are here to serve the one's ready to take owner & creatorship over their lives as spirit in form. We want to serve as an invitation for you to align with the higher aspects of yourself so you can remember who you really are and take on your role as a leader in this changing world. Change is inevitable, because we are here to shape and create a new reality for ourselves and therefor also for others.


We teach conscious awareness and embodied understanding of the frequencies that are weaving reality into form. We introduce you to your inner navigation system that can help you to practice discernment when it comes to energy and the reality you find yourself in. Doing this in a loving , open and vulnerable way is what makes us experience gratitude, joy, excitement, and humbleness. This is what we bring into the space and what we transfer vibrationally.


We offer a playground for people to experience and practice in different energy dynamics that relate to personal mastery. We facilitate an open and sincere space where you can experience energy with a conscious and aware state of presence. We use energetic tools, ancient ceremonial techniques combined with plant medicine (Banisteriopsis caapi, Echinopsis pachanoi, Sclerotia) sound-healing, singing, breathing, words, movement, meditation, massage, natural sacraments, like water, fire, and flower elixers to invite you into that state of presence.


With our Involution Retreats we invite you to move your attention from external awareness to internal awareness. At Surya we will let go of comfort to find comfort within ourselves. Guided by experts in the field of spiritual leadership and vibrational medicine we invite you to step into the space where your integrated wisdom lives. 

Download the invitation here.

Please share with whom you feel it will resonate with.



28/10-6/11 2022



APRIL 2023



8/5 -15/5 2023



JUNE 2023

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