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We are here on this planet to reconnect to our illuminating essence and to remember that as creators we take out of life what we put into it. 

Surya is a self sustainable sanctuary of peace and pureness hidden in the lush magical mountains of central Portugal.

We are building a Sanctuary of Natural health and Silence at the border of a little village in Portugal. Our aim is to preserve the forests around the 2ha of land that is already purchased (and carries the name Surya.) Last year all the forests around our land came up for sale and we want to buy these forests to create a green zone of silence and ripple out into the world a different way of being in, with, and of nature and thus with ourselves.

In totall it comes to 5-7 hectares, with two rivers bordering it. 

We invite you to become a co-creator with the Surya Foundation.

This can be through a donation, an investment, or through a commitment of presence. (with valuable advice/ideas and connections, or by becoming a space holder on the land)

There are different ways we can work together to follow that spark of excitement that brought us together. We will find out what is possible when we start talking.

Financial co-creators wil be a pillor for the foundation. They will build their own off grid cabin in nature in accordance to the vision of the Surya Foundation and the signed agreements between both parties.

The foundation behind Surya forms the base of a healthy way of creating flow and growth in more aspects in life than just financial growth. When the light of awareness shines on all aspects of growth and abundance than the whole of life can flourish and prosper.

With the dawn of the Aquarian Age comes with it a new paradigm. It is a vibrational energy of inter-connectedness, of collaboration and cooperation, of serving the good of all. In other words, it speaks directly to the idea of the ripple effect, which is not a linear construct, but rather a quantum ripple, where the energy of one affects the energy of the whole.

Let's have a talk if you are interested to expand your horizon and chance the landscape of your life with us. 

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