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Surya is a self sustainable sanctuary of sound and presence hidden in the lush magical mountains of central Portugal. Here we connect to our radiant core, our heart, our free spirit, our love and the soul that we are. This is where we hold space for ourselves by creating a new kind of comfort zone that is based on nature and being well.

Surya is an invitation for people that want to take ownership and leadership over their lives. It is a place that will bring us beyond our mental and emotional programming. A playground where new experiences can be made so we can grow into being the best version of ourselves by understanding our human condition and using that understanding to lovingly change the way we approach and shape life. 

Humanity is moving through turbulent times, and it is extremely important to awaken to a new level of consciousness in the midst of these challenges. We now have the opportunity to create an experience of peace and ease in the midst of turbulence. We can help others do the same by anchoring this energy on the land, and the retreats we offer every year.

Lush River pool | Surya


I am Francisca. A free playful spirit. awake, strong, soft, wise, brave and vulnerable being with an open heart. I teach presence through the use of the voice and vibration. I am the spiritual custodian of this magical piece of land in Portugal that is bursting with life force energy.

A divine inspired impulse is guiding me forward into sharing empowerment, leadership and mastery by creating a place where we can retreat into ourselves and into our divine nature; that is calm, silent, and relaxed.

Francisca falls in | Surya
Francisca | Surya
Follow Francisca | Surya


Please follow me. Not on instagram, twitter or facebook. Just walk with me in real life, in every now moment when you follow the impulses that guide you to do what you need to do when you need to do them. Please connect to me when you feel guided to do so by sending a message here. 

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